Above and Beyond Website Maintenance Services, Domain Support, and Website Security

We know how frustrating technology can be, and since most websites today are constructed using a plethora of systems, modules, plug-ins and add-ons, it is just a matter of time before something breaks because it hasn’t been properly maintained.

What ever you are struggling with or are frustrated about, we will solve it for you or we won’t charge for our services. 

Best of all, we always quote our fees before you have to commit to anything. Once you approve our estimated fees, from $49 and up, we will solve the issue in less than 24 hours and typically in less than 60 minutes from small jobs. 

No contracts – just contact us when you need our assistance. 

Specialists in Domain, Email, Website Support, Maintenance and Security

We are the Jutlanders - a team of very experienced technologists who all will go above and beyond your expectations for what great online services such as website repair, updates, error fixes, domain support for registration and/or migration, website improvements, and security hardening.

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A Jutlander Goes Above and Beyond to solve any technology related issue you are dealing with because we know that every minute counts.

  • New Websites Every Minute


    New Websites Every Minute
  • Websites Breaks Per Minute


    Websites Breaks Per Minute
  • Trillion Online Revenue


    Trillion Online Revenue

Meet Our Management Team

Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience in building and maintaining simple and complex websites and e-commerce solutions.

Jan H.


With a knack for solving the unsolvable, Jan (Yan) expertly navigates his way through even the most complex problems to find simple solutions that position businesses to excel. Jan brings his personal Jutlander heritage and decades of creative and technical direction experience across hundreds of brands to a team of dedicated builders and fixers who actually like this stuff.

Adam O.


Adam comes to Jutlanders with the organizational rigor of a Swiss bank. He’s overseen the development of hundreds of websites for ecommerce, brochure-ware, informational portals, intranet sites in almost every industry, and across countless platforms. He has served as an operations executive for well over a decade, has a keen sense of how to do things ‘better’, and is always adding to his knowledge arsenal. Oh, and he also decided to earn his PMP (Project Management Professional) designation for fun one summer. Um, ok.

Shah K.


Shah is one of those guys that just does not quit. He keeps driving forward until the problem is resolved. And somehow, he stays friendly and courteous the whole time. Like the others on the leadership team, Shah has participated in senior level roles around the development of hundreds of websites, and has assumed pivotal responsibilities in managing logistics, payment platforms, database mining, and systems integration.

Cip T.


Ciprian (Chip’-re-in) is the team’s senior geek. Building on his degree in Computer Science, Ciprian has spent a significant part of his career as a front end web developer, However, as it’s hard to touch a website without touching other technologies, Ciprian has developed a working expertise across the vast information technology landscape, and in addition to doing actual work, he serves as a knowledge hub for servers, domains, nameservers, email integrations, html, database management, UI/UX, SEO, and a bunch of other technical words and acronyms that make normal peoples’ eyes gloss over.