Website Service: Small Tasks

This one is pretty straightforward, but we’ll draw it out anyway. Websites are living things. As your organization changes, so should your site. You may need updated images, changes in team members (either for bio’s and headshots or admin access to the site itself), put up an alert for something visitors need to know right now, or even add functionality like instant chat or help desk software integration. Maybe you even have an internal person who knows how to do the basic things on the site like updating pictures and images but they are stuck with formatting something just right. Well, we can help with that too.

Input or Update Text Content

We can help you upload text to your website, create new pages and update existing content. When you contact us, you can upload a Word document to the support form.

Upload or Update Images

We can help you upload or change images on your website, slider, and gallery. To get started, simply upload the images to the contact form on the support page.

Design Changes

Need assistance making changes to your website’s design? With a little bit of code, we can update your colors, fonts, and change the layout of your pages. When we make any changes to your site’s design we always have in mind a strategy plan that enhances user experience and makes the site easier to navigate and increases your revenue. The end goal is to make your target audience find what they are looking for faster and easier.

New Features

Interested in adding new functionality to your website? Perhaps you would like a newsletter, Instagram feed, or picture gallery? Simply tells us what’s needed and we’ll find the best way to get it done!