Website Maintenance Services

Your website needs maintenance in order to function properly. We do the monitoring, testing, updating and other upkeep work. Not only will we take care of your tedious technical tasks but we also implement best practices to help prevent hacking and put processes into place to help recover in the event more serious problems arise.

Kompani Group’s Managing Director explains when it makes sense to do web maintenance yourself, and when it makes sense to hire professionals like Jutlanders.

Manage Plugins

We review the plugins used on a regular basis and remove those that are not actively used. We can also recommend better plugins to improve security, speed, and user experience.

Manage Themes

If your website is using a theme purchased from a popular platform, we make sure it stays up to date without breaking your website. It is important to keep the theme current to minimize the risk of being hacked and to ensure pages load quickly. Slow websites lose visitors faster than you may think.

Website Monitoring

It is bad for users to access a non-existent page or document, which results in a 404 error. This not only delivers a poor user experience, but also tells web crawlers that the site is problematic. We actively watch for these kinds of problems and fix them.

Uptime Monitoring

Sometimes plugins auto-update. This can cause your website to display various elements improperly, or worse, to crash and display a white or blank page – also called WSoD (the White Screen of Death). We keep an eye on your site’s admin portal  to monitor which plugins may have auto-updated and check for related issues across the interwebs.

Malware Scanning

We actively scan your website for known and new malware – any form of malicious code or potential backdoors. If anything is found, the team will immediately start fixing the altered files. Typically, if we have a recent backup of the site and we can identify when the site was infected, we can also revert to a recent backup.

Performance Monitoring

Users prefer fast loading websites and so do we. In fact, some recent data we looked at showed 57% of website users would abandon a site if it took longer than 3 seconds to load, and 70% of users indicate page speed influences their interest in further interaction. We suspect it is currently higher than that. For every extra second, you are estimated to lose 11% more traffic. Further, when it comes to web algorithms and showing up in search results, 3 out of the top 4 variables that drive these bots to determine results are speed dependent. Bottom line – keeping the site fast improves user experience and where you will show up in search results.

Email Delivery Fix

Have forms on your site but not getting notifications in your inbox? Yeah, it happens. Sometimes servers and mail configurations don’t jive. We can fix that.

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