Website Migration Services

Websites have to live somewhere, and not all places are created equal. Some servers are general open spaces that facilitate multiple websites as well as email services, databases, and a variety of different technologies. Others are dedicated to one specific purpose. Some are created within a network of redundant servers with fail safe mechanisms. Some have added features for security, speed, and are customized for specific functions.

This is where you begin hearing things like PHP, SQL, Apache, NGINX, Lightspeed, etc. We can help evaluate your needs and move to the right place for you.

Website Backup

Safety first, before we transfer your website to its new hosting provider we will make a full backup of your WordPress installation including the core, theme, plugin files, and database.

Website Transfer

Once we have a complete back up of your website, the next step in the migration process is to transfer your files and database to your new hosting provider.

Domain Update

As soon as we have uploaded your website files and imported your database, we’ll be ready to update your DNS settings to point your domain name to your new hosting provider.


If you are using the same domain name, reconfiguring your website to work with your new hosting provider is a quick affair. However, rebranding to a new domain often involves a little more work.