Website Security Services

Website security plays three key roles – actual security, public perception, and performance.

Actual Security – Yes, you need to keep the data being transferred through your site secure. You don’t want people taking that data for nefarious purposes. You don’t want someone hijacking your site and converting it into something it’s not. And you don’t want to give access to valuable data that you have stored, or potentially being transmitted between you and a user to be stolen, hijacked, manipulated, etc.

Public Perception – Increasingly, people realize they should not be on insecure websites. It’s a simple thing, but in the digital age, people feel better when they know their space is secure. Do you want a visitor skeptical of their interaction on your site, even if the site has not been compromised?

Performance – Some search engines will give you a warning, and depending on settings may not even let users through to insecure websites. It’s a good thing for users, but not for you if your site is not secure. But these problems can go even deeper. Algorithms also uses website security as a factor for determining where you show in search results. All things being equal, a secure site will always show higher in search results.

It’s typically a simple and relatively inexpensive option to secure your site, and potentially very costly not to, in actual expense or opportunity cost. Get your site secured today!

Remove Malware

Did your website get hacked? Perhaps you noticed unwanted spammy links, a sudden fall in traffic, irregular server usage or maybe you got an email from an unhappy customer. Without delay, we’ll get to work on your website and get it up and running again! You can rest assured that your website will be in perfect working condition and ready for your target audience.

Malicious Code FIX

Once we scan your website and locate the malicious content, our next task is to remove any unwanted scripts, content, database entries, malware, backdoors and spammy links from your WordPress installation.

Harden Security

Finally, once we have removed any malware and malicious content, the next step is to harden your website’s security in an effort to prevent further hacks from occurring. We’ll do so by installing and optimizing the WordFence security plugin.

Fix Mixed Content Issues

Your website has to deliver the content from a secure source, meaning that all the images, scripts, stylesheets and other files must be served from an HTTPS url. If they are coming from HTTP (non-secure) then your browser might not load them or issue a warning.


We keep your core CMS (like WordPress), plugins and themes updated to minimize the risk of hacking. You’ll be notified if anything goes wrong.