Website Speed Optimization Services

Does your website need a cup of coffee? There are many things that can inhibit the speed of a site, but one thing is certain: the slower the site, the more traffic you lose. This is not just our opinion, it’s part of how search algorithms determine which sites to send traffic to. If you are slow, Google will look for other sites with similar content that are faster and serve those sites to your potential visitors instead. And if there are no competitors, you still run the risk of your visitors deciding they don’t want to wait and they move on. Data changes quickly so this could be outdated by now, but 57% of website users abandon a site if takes longer than 3 seconds to load; and for every extra second, you are estimated to lose 11% more traffic. There are many elements that go into a fast site, and we’ll help look for where we can have the most impact.


We’ll install and configure the best caching plugin in its class. The plugin will handle your website’s caching, HTML – CSS & JS minification and lazy load your images making your WordPress website load significantly faster.

Optimize Database

Running a lean and mean database can translate into faster response times. Over time databases can become bloated with unnecessary content. We can remove all outdated comments, trash, old revisions and all other superfluous stuff.

Optimize Images

We all know that images are byte heavy and can be a massive drag on your website’s speed. Using an image compression plugin, we’ll compress your images which will improve your load time.

Bad Requests

Content that has been moved or no longer exists on your website needs to be deleted or fixed. Otherwise, visitors opening pages with broken links will be delayed as the resources will return a 404 not found error.

PHP Upgrade

If your site is running on an old version of PHP (like PHP 5) then chances are your website is slower than it could be. We can upgrade the PHP version to the latest possible and make sure your website is still functioning properly.